FO says that UAE suspends visa issuance in 12 countries including Pakistan

Under note from ministry Speaking Federal advocator Zahid Hafeez Chaudhary, the United Arab Emirate has quickly suspended issuing of visas to a dozen countries as well as West Pakistan, till more notice.

“In a quote, Chaudhary claimed that the UAE’s selections ar “believed to be associated with the second wave of Covid-19”
“We ar seeking official confirmation from the involved UAE authorities during this regard,” he said.
Chaudhary explained in an exceedingly tweet that visas already issued wouldn’t be subject to suspension.
Development Authority of West Pakistan International Airlines(PIA)

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the representative for West Pakistan International Airlines, Abdullah Hafeez, has confirmed its growth. He same that the entry of iqama, transit and work visas within the UAE was still permissible.

The number of kinds of visas wedged by the suspension wasn’t in real time renowned. The UAE has differing types of visas, as well as business, tourism, transportation, students, etc.

In Gregorian calendar month the UAE airline Emirates declared a brief suspension of {pakistan|Pakistan|Islamic Republic of West Pakistan|West Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} traveller services till three Gregorian calendar month once there have been growing cases in Pakistan. the choice was created when the positive testing of the virus of some thirty Pakistanis on the Emirates flight to port. In Gregorian calendar month the airline continued operative.

Kuwait’s aviation illegal business flights

In August, business flights from Kuwait to thirty one countries like West Pakistan were barred as a result of the coronavirus was propagated and deemed a “high risk.”

Pakistan has witnessed an increase in infection since late last month, and therefore the authorities have deemed the second wave of Covid-19 to be a witness.

Over the past vi days, over 2,000 new coronavirus cases are registered a day in West Pakistan and officers have suggested that the speed of positivism has been increasing, notably, in major cities like metropolis, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Hyderabad etc.

Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the population on Mon to ‘act as a government’ to avoid spreading the newest coronavirus.

New Restrictions because of Coronavirus

The Premier proclaimed new restrictions on public activities like the suspension of political rallying in his party and underlined the implementation, so as to regulate the unfold of this virus, of masking and social separation.

“This is that the time to require precautions. If we do, we will impede the virus. similar to earlier we have a tendency to were saved because of following precautions, that point has get back, he said. He noted that there are four additional cases within the last period of time of Covid-19 cases in West Pakistan.

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