10 Best Guard Dog Breeds for Families with Children

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Dogs have a natural sense of kinship. They love and protect their kin’s members, whether they are other animals or their human owners, especially children.

Dogs need proper training, so that they can live peacefully with other animals and their human owners and can tackle the pressure of living in a closed environment.

Once properly trained, a guard dog can be a great addition to a family with children.

Why families with children need guard dogs.

Dogs are social animals, they protect and teach children, and they are good teachers.

They can teach your child teamwork, patience, and responsibility. They also act as a guide and protector of young children and keep them out of harm’s way.

Because of these reasons, a family with children should keep at least one guard dog.

Characteristics of a guard dog for a family with children should have.

Before choosing a dog for your children, you should see that the dog breed should have the following characteristics.

  1. Sturdy

Most people take it wrong; they think that small dog breeds with slight built are good for children. But they are wrong because most of the time, children play roughly with their pet dogs. Small dogs will not withstand this rude behavior and will become nervous and can harm your child, also they will not be able to protect your children. Because they lack the strength for this job.

That’s why you should choose dogs from larger and sturdier breeds.

  1. Patient.

When choosing a dog breed for your children. You should look for a dog breed that is known for patience and have no known record of aggressiveness toward their human owners and children. Because sometimes children play pranks on their pet dogs and annoy them. A dog from a patient dog breed will remain patient in this kind of scenario.

  1. Intelligent.

Most dog breeds are intelligent. But still, some dog breeds are more intelligent than others. You should choose a highly intelligent dog breed. Because a smart dog will take care of your child in a much better way. They will be able to sense danger and keep your child away from it.

  1. Caring.

You must choose a dog breed which is known for caring nature. Because a dog with a caring nature will dedicate itself to caring for your children.

We had followed the above-given criteria to choose the best guard dog breeds for families with children.

Following is the list of dog breeds that are good for families with kids.


  1. Beagle.
  2. Newfoundland.
  3. Collie.
  4. Boxer.
  5. German shepherd.
  6. Poodle.
  7. Golden retriever.
  8. Irish setter.
  9. Labrador retriever.
  10. Saint Bernard.



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Beagles are compact, sturdy, extremely energetic, and playful. They were originally bred as hunting hounds, so they love running and exploring. If you have children that love the outdoors and exploring, then beagle dogs will be a perfect match for them.

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They are extremely patient and caring for children. They love to live with large families. More company they have happier they will be.

Because they are hunting dogs and have a curious nature,  sometimes they wander faraway from their home. To avoid this, you have to keep an eye on them. When they are outside the home.

They have very few grooming needs and don’t shed their hair often. When beagles shed their winter coat in springtime, you can keep their shedding in control by combing them 3 to 4 times a week. They also get along with other pets in your home peacefully.

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Don’t be intimidated by the Newfoundland dog’s giant size because there is a kind and loving heart in this giant.

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Newfoundlands are sometimes referred to as “nanny dogs” because of their caring and polite behavior toward the children. They feel pride in caring for children and loves to cuddle with them. They are gentle souls and loves to be around their human owners.

Newfoundlands are large dogs, but contrary to their sizes, they don’t need a large amount of food to maintain a healthy body. Although they need a lot of grooming and medical care.

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Rough Collie.

Rough Collies are very gentle, kind, loving, and intelligent dog breed. Collies are known to be gentle with kids. They were originally bred as herding dogs, so that’s why they are very protective toward their owner, especially children.

They even sometimes try to herd children of their owners. This behavior is not due to aggressiveness but due to their protective nature.

Because they are originally herding dogs, that’s why they don’t show aggressiveness toward other animals and small pets in your home.

Rough Collies are big dogs with lots of fur on them, which they often shed, so to control this shedding and keep your dog in good shape, you have to regularly brush them.

Other than that, Rough Collies are the best choice for families with kids.

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Boxers are known for their playful behavior, patience, and sturdiness. These are few qualities highly sought after in dogs by families with children.

Boxers are energetic, sturdy, and patient, which means that they can play and run with your children all day long if allowed.

When pranked or tricked by children, they show no aggressiveness and remain patient. However, this practice is not recommended because a startled dog can cause injuries to your children unintentionally.

Boxers have a very short fur coat that needs little grooming. They are very clean dogs.

They are highly protective of their owners and can go to extreme lengths to protect them if threatened. Boxers are well known for this behavior.

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German Shephard.

German Shephard is a dog breed known for its intelligence and loyalty. They are very patient, sturdy, and energetic. If socialized properly with your family and children, then there is no better option than this dog breed. Because of these traits, these dogs are used by law enforcement agencies all around the world.

They can easily be trained and are playful with children. It is recommended that you should get a German Shephard pup and train it, so it will be properly socialized with your family, children, and other animals and pets in your home.

German Shepherd can play all day. Your children will tire before the dog.

German Shephard needs a fair amount of training and supervision at the early stages of their life. They also need to be groomed regularly.

If you can do this then, there is no other dog as good as German Shephard for guarding and taking care of your children.

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Poodles are known for their cuteness, playfulness, alertness, and patience. There are three breeds of poodle dog that are commonly available. The standard size poodle dog breed is best for families with children. As they can withstand the rough playing of your children.

Poodles are very active and playful. They can play all day with your children and then come inside home to cool down. Poodle dogs can easily transition from one activity to another. Kids can learn from this trait of your poodle dog.

Poodle dogs are actually vigilant and will alert you before someone comes into your home.

Poodles dogs are very suitable for kids with allergies because they shed very little compared to other dog breeds.

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Golden retriever.

Golden retrievers are known for their caring and loving behavior. They are very patient and loves to play with children and bring laughter to their owners. If they are not socialized, they can become aggressive toward strange objects and persons.

Golden retriever loves to cuddle and can become great friends and companions of your kids.

They don’t need a lot of grooming; you only have to wash and blow their fur coat after 4 to 6 weeks to keep them clean.

In short Golden retrievers are clean dogs and have low grooming needs. Because of these traits, they are best for families with children.

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Irish setter.

Irish setters are very active and playful. They were originally bred for fowl hunting, so they are very athletic and active. They are a perfect match for older children. But they can unintentionally knock down little kids.

They have a magnificent fur coat, but it is tough to keep that fur coat in good condition and needs a lot of grooming.

Irish setters can be a good choice for families with older children.

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Labrador retriever.

 Labrador retrievers are known for their dependable and playful behavior. They are very loyal to their owners. They play and keep an eye on your children, and you can trust them for this job.

Most of the time, it is not advisable to leave the dog and your children in the same room with no supervision. But Labrador retriever is a breed that will take care of your child if they are locked in the same room. But still, it is not recommended to leave kids and dogs all alone without supervision because it can cause accidents and injuries on both sides.

Labrador retrievers shed a lot, so you have to brush them regularly to keep their shed in control.

But suppose you don’t mind grooming your dog a lot. In that case, Labrador retrievers can be a great family dog for you and your children and give them beautiful memories.

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Saint Bernard.

Saint Bernards are very large in size and are extremely energetic. They love to play and have great patience. They can be great playmates and companions for older kids. They are not recommended for families with younger kids because they can unintentionally harm your children because of their huge size.

They are not suited for families living in small apartments or in hot areas because they were bred to withstand the cold weather of the Alps, and they need a lot of space to stretch out

They can become excellent guard dogs because they never bark without reason. So they can alert you with their bark, and when they will bark, you will be sure that your dog had noticed something unusual.

They shed a lot and drool a lot. So if you live in a large house in a cold rural area, then this dog can be a great pet as well as a guard dog for your family and children.




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