5 Best Animal Pets For Beginners


Are you new to this world of pets and want to adopt a pet but worried about its caring and maintenance? If you are the same problem, solve your problem we have made a list of the 5 best animal pets for beginners you can choose one of them.

Pets are one of the greatest gifts from nature for us. They can make you smile when you are really sad and depressed. Pets are loyal to their owners and love to make them happy. Many of us want to adopt pets, but they fear that they will not be able to spare time for their pet and abandon this thought.

But many pets need minimum care and intention from their owners and can maintain themselves and can be best animal pets for beginners.

Following is the list of the 5 best animal pets for beginners.


Guinea pig.

If you are the person who wants somebody to welcome you home. Then guinea pigs can be the best pet animal for you. They start to jump and squeal on seeing their owners.

Needs of a Guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are one of the least demanding pets; they only need a proper cage with few toys for them to play, a water bottle, a food bowl, and recycled paper bedding.

You only have to feed and water them in the morning before going to work. Once they are feed and watered, they will occupy themselves playing with toys or any other activity. You don’t have to worry about them.

You also don’t have to worry about their bathroom needs because their urine will be absorbed by paper bedding. You only need to change the paper bedding regularly.

Other than that, Guinea pigs can take care of themselves. This quality makes them the perfect animal pet for beginners.


Sea monkeys.

Sea monkeys are named so because of their characteristic tail that resembles that of a real monkey. They are actually a hybrid breed of brine shrimp. They become popular as a pet due to their minimal needs.

Needs of Sea monkeys.

All you need to keep Sea monkeys at home is a tank of clean unchlorinated water which is aerated regularly. You only have to feed them once a week.

Watching the movements of Sea monkeys is very entertaining and satisfying.

Their minimal needs and entertaining behavior make them one of the best animal pets for a beginner who is yet not ready to bear a large pet’s responsibility.


Hamsters have a playful and loving nature and love to play with children or with their adult owners.

Needs of a Hamster.

They have very few needs and don’t demand much attention and commitment from their owners. They only need a hamster cage, hamster wheel, food, and water other than they don’t need anything.

They are very playful and active little animals, so placing a hamster wheel in their cage will help them to have some activity. Hamsters chew and lick almost everything, so it is better to clean their cage regularly.

Because of their little needs and playful nature, they can prove the best animal pet for beginners and kids.

5 best animal pets for beginners


Rats are very playful once tamed. They may not be as easy to manage as hamsters or guinea pigs. But they still their needs are very few, and the rewards are high. If you keep rats as a pet, then you are getting a companion that will cheer you up when you will be depressed are sad.

Needs of rats.

All that rats need is a rat cage, a home for sleeping, good quality bedding, food, and some toys to play with, it’s all they want from you.

Because of all these reasons, rats had made it into our list of the 5 best animal pets for beginners.

And one thing more rats are very social animals, so it will be best to adopt 2 rats. They will be happy with each other.


Chinchillas are playful and brilliant little animals. Once they start trusting, you will notice that they can learn and perform different tricks to make you happy and get treats in return.

They don’t mind living in a cage if their needs are fulfilled. But you have to provide everything they need in their cages, including a glass water bottle, a food bowl, an exercise wheel, good quality bedding, and a house for them to rest in. this is all you have to provide them.

Clean their cage regularly and never put anything made of plastic in their cage, because they will chew it and eat. This can prove fatal for them.

Chinchillas can be a best animal pet for beginners due to their playful behavior and minimal needs.


we had included above given animals in our list of best animal pets for beginners. Because they need little attention and care. But this doesn’t mean that these animals do not need attention and care.

They need some degree of attention and care because they are living animals. Science has proved time after time that animals have a higher degree of intelligence and emotions; that’s why if you do not interact with your pets, they will get depressed and develop a different health problem.





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